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  • Grass begins growing, so cutting should be done on a higher setting, you can also mulch grass cutting to help re fertiliser the lawn.
  • Renovate climbers and plant new ones.
  • Plant and divide Perennials, which allows them to grow quicker.
  • Cut down old growth left from winter.
  • Put new stakes and other plant supports in before new growth really needs them.
  • Sow vegtables outside and plant early potatoes.


  • Fetilise established lawns
  • Plant ever green trees and shrubs
  • Prune early flowering shrubs
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs
  • Sow sweat peas, can be planted in guttering and hung from greenhouse roof, to prevent mice from eating plants
  • Ideal time to plant potatoes
  • Deadhead daffodils
  • Tie in new shoots for climbers
  • For water gardens, plant your aquatic plants
  • General weeding or flower beds and borders
  • Continue to plant your vegetables outside
  • Plant fruit trees which are container grown


  • Feed and weed lawns and mow lawns to encourage new growth
  • Portect young plants from slugs
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs which have finished flowering
  • Trim any type of formal hedge and box hedging
  • This is the last chance to plant evergreen shrubs
  • Also is an ideal time to plan Dahlias
  • Inspect plant for signs of any pests or diseases and treat accordingly


  • Continue deadheading and mainting borders
  • Mow the lawns and cut edges regularly
  • Bring back tired lawns with a liquid feed
  • If you have laid a lawn in the spring continue to water in
  • Continue pruning spring flowering shrubs
  • Remove any signs of any suckers and treat pests which may attack roses
  • Ideal time to plan new plants before the summer heats up
  • It is a good time to plan runner beans and tomato plants


  • Conitnue regular of lawns
  • Prune shrubs which have flowered in early summer
  • Trim conifer hedges and take the opportunity to take any cuttings
  • Fill in beds and borders with additional plants
  • Sow vegetables which will be harvested in Autumn
  • Harvest new potatoes, onions and garlic
  • Continue to deadhead flowers
  • Plant Autumn bulbs


Under construction


Under construction


  • Plant bulbs for next spring before the first frost. Tulips, Daffodils and Crocus for example.
  • Rack up the fallen leaves to create your own leaf mould compost, which does take does take 1 - 3 years to rot down.
  • Dig over borders and beds.
  • Reduce the frequency of mowing your lawn, also you should raise the height of the lawn mower blades.
  • Treat lawn, by continuing to rack out thatch, aerate and top dress lawns, reseed bare patches.
  • Tidy fish ponds and reduce feed them.
  • Finish planting evergreen shrubs and plant new climbers.


  • Plant bulbs for next spring before first frost.


  • Plant bulbs for next spring before first frost.
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