Pruning Ornamental Shrubs


Pruning is the way to encourage your plants, shrubs to grow healthier, by removing deadwood and diseased, by cutting selective branches, buds and roots, this will help to encourage more shoots, buds and flowers and also good to cultivate for new specimen from a chosen plant.


There are also special techniques to pruning roses, fruit trees and grapevines, other practices for pruning herbaceous plants are used on perennial woody plants.  When it comes to hedges, there are normally carried out by hedge trimmers.


Deadheading flowering plants is a way to encourage the plant to flower more over the summer and improves its appearance.  This is done by removing drooping flower heads either by secateurs or if you are deadheading plants like French marigolds this can be done with your finger and thumb, before they set seed, enabling the plant to conserve its energy.


Below is a chart on when is a suitable time to prune your shrubs;

Abella Spring, summer and after last frost
Abeliophyllum Spring
Abutilon (Megapotamicum) Early to mid-spring
             (Vitifolium) Summer, after flowering
Aloysia Mid-spring, after frost
Amelanchier (Lamarcki) Winter
                  (Stolonifera) Winter
Artemisia (Abrotanum) Early spring
              (Powis Castle) Early spring
Aucuba Mid-spring, winter
Banksia After flowering
Berberis (Darwinii) After flowering, early summer
            (Thunbergii) mid to late winter
Brugmansia Late winter, before growth
Buddleja (buddleja Alternifolia) Midsummer, after flowering
             (Davidii) Early spring
             (buddleja Globosa) Late winter, before growth
Buxus (Box) Mid to late summer, late spring
Callicarpa (Bodinieri Var Giraldii) Early spring, after frost
Callistemon (Citrinus) Bottlebrush Summer, after flowering
Carpenteria Spring, after flowering
Chimonanthus (wintersweet) Late winter, after flowering
Cistus ( Rock Rose) Spring
Cornus (Dogwood) Alba Early spring, before bud break
           (Stolonifera) Early summer
Dendromecon Early spring
Duranta Spring
Elaeagnus (Angustifolia) Midsummer, after flowering
               (Ebbingei) Late summer
Erica (Arborea) Heather Early spring, early summer
        (Carnea) spring
Euonymus (Spindle Tree) Late winter, early spring
                (Japonicus) Mid to late spring
Fatsia Mid-spring
Forsythia Mid-spring, after flowering
Fushsia (Magellanica) Early spring
           (Hybrids) Pinch prune, thoughout season
Garrya (Elliptica) Early spring
Hamamelis (Mollis), Witch Hazel Early spring
                (Vernalis) Early Spring
Hebe (Cupressoides) Spring
         (Pinguifolia) Spring, summer after flowering
         (Speciosa) Mid to late spring
Hibiscus (Rosa Sinensis) Late spring
             (Syriacus) Late spring
Hydrangea (Macrophylla) prune after flowering in warm climates,
leave flowerheads if cold climates                                  
                (Paniculata) Early spring, before growth
Hypericum (Calycinum) Early spring
                 (Forrestii) Spring
Ilex (Opaca) Holly Late summer
Kerria Late spring, after flowering
Lantana Spring
Lavatera (Tree Mallow) Spring, after buds begn to break
Lavandula (Angustifolia) Lavander In warm climates prune in autumn
Leonotis (Lion's Ear) Autumn in warm climates, in cool spring
Leycesteria Spring
Lonicera (Nitida) Honeysuckle Trim between spring and autumn
Magnolia (Soulangeana) Midsummer 
Mahonia (Aquifolium) Spring, after flowering
             (X Media) Spring, after flowering
Nerium (Oleander) Late summer to autumn
Olearia Spring
Paeonia (Peony) In summer and autumn
Penstemon Spring, after frost
Persoonia Autumn, after fruiting
Phlomis Mid-spring
Photinia (X Fraseri) Spring
            (Villosa) Winter
Phygelius Spring, after frost
Pieris (Japonica) Spring, after flowering
Prunus (Glandulosa) Cherry Early spring, after flowering
           (Lusitanica) Late spring
Pyracantha (Firethorn) Mid-spring
Rhododendron (Augustinii) Late spring, early summer
                      (Kiusianum) Summer, after flowering
                      (Luteum) Summer, after flowering
                      (Rex) Early summer, after flowering
Rhus (Typhina) Early spring
Rosemarinus (Rosemary) Early summer, after flowering
Salvia (Microphylla) Sage Spring
           (Officinalis) Mid-spring and summer
Sambucus (Eder) Winter
Santolina  Autumn
Spartium Early spring, start of growth
Syringa (Valgaris) Lilac Midsummer, as flowers fade
           (Meyeri) Midsummer, after flowering
Thymus (Thyme Late summer
Ulex Late spring, early summer
Viburnum (Bodnantense) Early spring, after flowering
               (Plicatum) Summer, after flowering
               (Tinus) Early summer, after flowering
Vinca (Periwinkle) Spring
Weigela (Florida) Midsummer, after flowering
Zenobia Midsummer, as flowers fade


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