A guide to when to prune climbers

Allamanda Late Winter, before active growth
Argyreia Late Winter, Before new growth
Aristolochia Late Winter, early spring, mid summer
Berchemia Late Winter, early spring
Billardiera Early spring, late summer
Calcelolaria Early spring, before new growth
Calochone After flowering, late winter, spring
Campsis Late winter, early spring
Cantua After flower, late spring, early summer
Celastrus Winter, early spring
Clematis (montana) After flowering
                 (nelly moser) Late winter, early spring
                 (viticella) Late winter, early spring, 
Clerodendrum (thomsoniae) After flowering
Distictis Early spring
Eccremocarpus Spring
Hardenbergia (coral pea) After flowering
Hedera Early spring
Hibberita (guinea gold vine) Early spring
Hoya Spring, before new growth 
Hydrangea After flowering
Jasminum (jasmine)winter jasmine Spring, after flowering
                               common jasmine After flowering
Kennedia After flowering
Lathyrus (perennial pea) After flowering, autumn, early spring
Metrosideros After flowering
Monstera Early spring
Mucuna Early spring, after flowering
Muehlenbeckia Early spring
Mussaenda Early spring
Nepenthes Early spring
Parthenocissus Autumn, early winter
Passiflora  (caerulea) passion flower Spring, after flowering
Petrea After flowering
Philodendron Spring, summer
Polygonum Late winter, early spring
Pueraria Early spring
Pyrostegia Late winter, early spring
Rubus (bramble) Late winter, early spring
Schizophragma After flowering
Senecio (macroglossus) After flowering
Solanum (crispum) Early spring, after flowering in warm
Stauntonia Late winter, early spring
Tecomanthe Early spring
Thunbergia (mysorensis) Late winter, early spring
Trachelospermum Early spring
Vitis (vines) Mid-winter
Wisteria Mid-winter, summer
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